Hatch Chile Cream Cheese Dip


6 in stock

6 in stock


Prized chile’s from Hatch, New Mexico is folded into whipped cream cheese for a rich, delectable dip! Delight your bagels and wraps, whisk into scrambled eggs, or simply dip a chip!



Low Carb.

Low Sugar.

Taking Simple to Unforgettable.


Hatch Chile Sausage Dip

Shredded Chicken Tacos with Hatch Chile Cream Cheese, Corn, and Fresh Salsa

Hatch Chile Elote Dip

Smoked Salmon Hatch Chile Cream Cheese Bagel

Hatch Chile Cream Cheese Corn Souffle

Panini with Salmon and Spicy Cream Cheese

Hatch Chile Breakfast Burrito

Spicy Cream Cheese Roll-Ups.

Produced with 24 mth shelf life


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